New Features, Stable functionality.

We moved the site to a cheaper host. Can't get around the fact that I really don't have the cash to be spending $80 USD on this page and keep it running. So I went and moved it to a shared host. You all know this. You also probably have noticed the random and annoying ASS-PAIN Everything has been the last week. Some things working just fine then suddenly breaking, or not working at all. And of course the sudden outage mid-week. Well it's time I let you all know what is happening on the system.



Fixing what is broken

I recently moved the site to a regular old shared hosting account in order to save a lot of money over the period of a year. This has however come with some drawbacks such as having to fix some things that broke in the transition. I've gotten some of it fixed, but as with all things there may be some issues over time. Keep an eye out and let me know through contacting me or through comments in the forums.


Sleepy Hollow

At the recommendation of my mother I started watching Fox's new show Sleepy Hollow. I've mowed through the entire lineup of current episodes and frankly I find myself wanting more. It's actually been a very good year for television in my opinion. But that such a show is on fox worries me for it's future no matter what. After all, Fox doesn't have a good track record with this sort of show. I think many of us are still bitter about Firefly.


Minecraft: Cocaine for the CPU

Minecraft: exciting minimalist game or legal and extremely cheap crack substitute? I’m more inclined to go with the latter, but both apply. A game that has no real goal other than be creative, Minecraft can supply you with hours of entertainment, as long as your imagination doesn’t run out. This for me is a problem. I usually find myself testing out the added features of the newest update, and then getting bored for a few months before starting up again. I recently forced myself to play, and got some suggestions from friends.


Legacy Content in for the final time

We did the import again for the final time today. We've gotten the majority of the issues fixed with the import and are cleaning up things as we speak. However we could use your help. If you notice a problem then please go to this thread on the forums and report it. What we need is there.



The Four Players

We've seen people go and make mockeries of those things we held precious as children many, many times. Well, Super Mario Brothers is back on the block with a series of 4 short films called, "The Four Players." In it those goofy, child friendly characters get a real world makeover. And it is a gritty makeover.

The Films keep to the Super Mario images and icons we are used to. The Colors, the ideas, and the attributes of the characters are still there. However it's like they went from Mushroom Kingdom to GTA Vice City. 





I've been thinking recently of how things have changed over the years on the net. It used to be for all intents and purposes frontier law out there. You either survived or your didn't. People were flamed constantly and there were wars a plenty in several fandoms.

January 2013

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To get what you want may not always be a blessing... An introspection fic based off Asuka's death in EoE.

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